How To Reface Cabinets

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The cabinets are often the most important style factor in a room. This is particularly true in your kitchen. The style of the cabinets pretty much informs the style of your entire room. So, if you have old cabinets that are outdated, and just look worn down, replacing them can greatly improve the overall look of the kitchen. However, outright cabinet replacement is often a very expensive project, and it might be too much for many homeowners to invest in at once. You can effectively remodel your cabinets by having them professionally refaced. This article explains exactly what cabinet refacing is, how it works, and what you should know before making an investment.

The Convenience of Refacing

The beauty of cabinet refacing is that nothing needs to be removed from the wall. That is, the actual cabinet box stays on the wall. Just the doors, drawers, and molding will be replaced. Additionally, a new stain or paint finish will be applied to your cabinet box, and your replacement doors and drawers. This dramatically changes the look of your cabinets because the doors and drawers, along with the molding, are the most important style features on your cabinet. The actual cabinet boxes are usually just square and flat. So, by updating these style elements, you can change the way the entire cabinet looks.

Prepping for the Project

The process of cabinet refacing is pretty simple, and it can usually be done without removing any of your major appliances. Professionals will paint around your major appliances, but they might move your refrigerator, and other movable appliances. Of course, you want to completely empty your cabinets before the work begins. In fact, you can even remove your existing doors and drawers yourself. The cabinetmaker will come to your house and take measurements of your system. Before your new products is installed, you will need to have your cabinet boxes painted. While your products are being built, they will also be painted with a matching finish. So, they will basically be ready to install as soon as they delivered. Then, they will come install them, along with the molding, at once.

Professionals know how to make this process as convenient and quick as possible. They can often complete an entire installation within a single day, even on a large cabinet system. However, the project could take up to 2 to 3 days. Basically, you just need to be able to go without using your kitchen for a couple days. Nonetheless, it is far easier and more convenient than having your entire cabinet system replaced. Contact professionals at companies like Encore Cabinets & Design if you have questions.