Top 5 Remodeling Trends That Are Guaranteed To Stand The Test Of Time

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When it comes to trends in remodeling, there are some that are just fads. The shag carpet and earthy greens and yellow of the 60s and 70s are a couple of good examples. Now, retro may be trendy in some designs, but the design fads do not last. What does last are things like stone and solid surface counters, nature and minimalist designs. Here are the top five remodeling trends that will be with you in your home for many generations:

1. Rock Solid Surfaces for The New Countertops in Remodeling Projects

In the past, countertops have been installed using the most affordable materials. The old veneer counter finishes are going to eventually wear and need to be replaced, which can be worse if you use strange colors. For counters that last and never go out of style, consider some of the many different solid surfaces that are available today.

2. Neutral Colors That Are as Attractive Now, As They Will Be in The Future

Everyone has seen bathrooms or kitchens that are full of hideous greens or yellows from the 60s and 70s. For a remodeling design that stands the test of time, use neutral colors that will be as attractive now as they are in 50 years. White and grey are great choices that will last and will be as attractive 50 years from now as they are today. You will have to repaint between now and then.

3. Integrating Natural Features That Are Always Trendy and Welcoming

There are also many natural features that you may want to incorporate into the design of your home. Adding a sunroom to your home or integrating planters into your interior design will be just as trendy in the future.

4. Beyond Classic with Restorations and Trendy Upcycled Vanity Projects

The restoration of your bathroom may be somewhere where you want to do something trendy. Consider the modern trend of taking antique furniture and turning the pieces into vanities, which is something that is always in style. You can even restore old bathtubs with refinished for a more classic look in the bathroom.

5. More Glass and Less Clutter with Minimalist Design Details

One of the things that will make a trendy design go out of style is too much clutter. Consider a modern minimalist design with things like hidden hardware and more glass. The cabinets in the kitchen can even have glass shelving added to reduce the clutter. Clean and clear lines in contemporary designs stand the test of time and will always be trendy.

All these remodeling trends are as popular now, as they will probably be in 50 years. This is because these are good designs that stand the test of time and do not go out of style. If you are ready for a trendy remodeling project, contact a remodeling contractor like J&B Fine Cabinetry to help incorporate these features into a trendy remodeling design for your home.