4 Ways To Bring New Life To Your Deck

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Decks can begin to falter and show signs of wear and tear after just a few years of use. Much like any other part of your house, your deck will require to maintain it well and upkeep it. Before you decide on tearing down your old deck, think about ways that you can breathe new life into it and extend its life beyond that which you originally thought was possible. Having difficulty thinking of a few ways? That's alright, that is what this guide is here for.

Cleaning Your Deck

This might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but cleaning your deck will not only make your deck look that much more aesthetically appealing. It will also increase the lifespan of your deck significantly. Dirt and grime can wear down your wooden deck if it isn't removed often enough.

You should give your deck a rigorous cleaning, at least once a year, usually just before the very start of summer. Foot traffic, plants and debris are all dangerous to the lifespan of your deck, but they're all things that your deck is simply going to have to deal with.

It is recommended that you clean your deck in such a way that you can easily get in between the boards and remove any material that can harm the integrity of the deck.

Staining Your Deck

Nothing can inject a new life into your deck like staining can. For such a relatively simple task, the results are quite amazing and can make even the oldest-looking deck look brand new.

If your primary concern with the aesthetics of your deck is that the sun has given it a weathered, old look that has faded the sheen and shine of your deck, then staining your deck will reinvigorate it with a look that is at once classic and also brand new.

Furthermore, staining your deck can also serve to protect the wood from the elements themselves, meaning there is a substantive component to staining your deck in addition to the component that is merely aesthetic.

Replace Railings

The one portion of your deck that will receive almost as much wear and tear than the places on a deck where you can walk upon is the railings.

Due to people climbing and hanging off of them, as well as using them as a guide down stairs, railings receive a decent amount of use, as far as decks go. Many times, the railing is the first part of the deck that will demand replacement.

When deciding on how to replace your railings and with what material, it is highly recommended that you replace it with a railing made out of a composite material, which is more long-lasting than a solid wood and just as aesthetically pleasing.

Replace Old Boards

It is not always necessary to replace the entirety of a deck when it has become old and decrepit (although there are numerous times when this simply must be the case). It is recommended that you go through your deck's boards with a fine tooth comb and discover the boards that must absolutely be replaced.

Some wear and tear is fine and often times a good sanding and staining can take care of the matter, but there might be occasions where the board must absolutely be replaced. Be on the lookout for rot as well as insect infestations, as these are situations that warrant a board replacement.

Making your deck look brand new is not a particularly hard or costly process. With just a bit of elbow grease and some know how, you can make it look like your deck was installed yesterday. Click here for more information on deck repairs you might need to look out for.