Raised In A Barn? Must-Have Elements For A Rustic-Styled Kitchen

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From the barn wedding to upcycling mason jars, the rustic style has become a popular trend in clothing, accessories, and even home décor. Rich in dark tones, reclaimed items, and unique pieces, it is easy to see the appeal. Of course, you do not have to be born in a barn to appreciate a rustic style. If you are currently remodeling your kitchen and want to incorporate the distressed, rustic look, consider these must-have features.

Woodn't You Know It

Many kitchens contain wood cabinetry, but utilizing dark, rustic tones during your remodel will enhance the rustic style you desire. Unfortunately, you may consider opting for laminate cabinets to save money on the remodel. While laminate cabinets are functional, solid wood cabinets are the best option for creating the authentic rustic feel for your kitchen. Consider pine, which displays the knotty, natural, and real look of wood. A dark cherry, oak, or hickory wood are also great options because they are strong, durable, and valuable.

Install wood flooring as well to enhance the warm feeling of your new kitchen. The wood tone does not have to match the cabinetry, but be sure to choose a complementary shade. Visible knots and boards in different sizes adds extra appeal.

Reclaim The Kitchen

Using real wood in your kitchen remodel may be an expensive option. However, reclaimed items can save you money while reducing the amount of waste in your local landfills. In addition, reclaimed pieces add unique appeal to your kitchen that you cannot purchase from home improvement stores. Here are a few options to truly "reclaim" your kitchen:

Get Stoned

The rustic style centers on nature. While you probably understand the importance of wood in your remodel, it is important to increase the natural feel using stone. If you are fortunate enough to have the space, consider a stone fireplace that also acts as a pizza oven. The warmth of the fire and the added function of baking a pizza or bread in the oven create the old-fashioned feel of living with nature. However, the stone surround increases the natural appeal of the rustic style.

Of course, a fireplace or pizza oven may not be financially feasible. Fortunately, you can still use stone in your kitchen without spending a fortune. Use stone to surround the area behind your oven and stovetop.  Considering these tile or stone accents cost $10 to $40 on average to install, the stone backsplash offers a large return on your investment.

Popping With Color

Neutral, earthy tones are prominent in rustic-styled kitchens. However, incorporating pops of color in surprising ways is ideal during your remodel. Use the following tips to ensure your rustic kitchen is popping with color:

Light Up The Darkness

Your rustic kitchen may appear dark due to the rich tones and earthy colors, so adding light is imperative. To remain within the distressed style of your new kitchen, arrange mason jars on a table or your island. Place a votive candle inside each jar and light when entertaining. The simple glow of light makes a huge statement in your dark kitchen.

Visit antique stores and salvage yards to find old carriage lanterns and barn lights to use as permanent fixtures in your kitchen. The antiqued look is perfectly suited to your rustic-styled kitchen.

You do not have to be raised in a barn to appreciate rustic design. Using this guide on must-have elements, you can achieve the rustic-styled kitchen of your dreams.